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Premium Polyethylene Foam 2-in-1 Flooring Underlayment


Designed for:

  • Laminate Flooring
  • Floating Engineered Wood


Product Information

This economical 2-in-1 underlayment support is made from polyethylene foam with a special moisture resistant film on both sides. DuoFoam provides standard support and care to laminate and floating engineered wood floors. Featuring self-seal lip and tape for optimal moisture protection and for ease of installation.


Available in 100sqft Rolls = 9.29m2 of coverage Futher benefits and technical data below and for all inquiries please Email

DuoFoam with Self Seal

  • Moisture Protection - Film barrier and self-seal lip and tape system offer industry standards in moisture protection.


    Competitively Priced - This is an ideal economical underlayment solution for your floor.

  • Name

    Duo Foam



    Size (sqft converted to m2)


    Weight per roll


    Self-seal lip and Tape


    WVTR (Moisture vapour transmission rate)

    6.95 g/m2 24hour day

For a direct inquiry

MP Global Underlayments

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